I'm a Kirkland-based generalist doing motion graphics, UI design, compositing, effects, character animation and logo design. Above all my interests resides in creating fresh designs and memorable experiences whether it may be animated, static, or interactive. I enjoy working on a project from the early stages of conception, creation and though the final implementation. Throughout my career in advertising, broadcast and video games, I worked with clients large and small. I am comfortable leading other designers as well as taking directions, and working independently as well as being part of a larger team. I'm proficient in multiple platforms including Adobe Creative Suite. I worked on award winning games like Grand Theft Auto V, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, Just Cause 3, and TV shows like Bad Girls All Star Battle, and on leading brands like T-Mobile, Pokemon, Microsoft, Hyundai, Ford, PBS Kids, Walmart, American Express. I am looking forward to applying my versatile skillset for innovative companies. 

On my spare time I like to draw. I create patterns, put them on fabric, and sell products.
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